Vendor Rules & Regulations

  • Booth Space Placement Within Rented Sections - Specific spaces will not be guaranteed.  Although vendors may request a space within the section rented, show officials will make final decisions and determinations as to which spaces vendors will be assigned within the section booked.  Assignments may not be issued or available until very close to or on the show date (Generally, the Monday of the week of the show).  No refunds will be issued based on a vendor's disagreement of placement within the booked area.
  • Vendor parking on show days - Vendors are ONLY allowed to park in the designated vendor parking lot which is located in the back of the barn (East side) and accessible through the entrance on Gauthier Rd.  Handicap parking for those vendors who NEED to be close to their spaces and request upon entering vendor parking will be directed to designated areas.  But they MUST enter through the vendor parking area.  No vendors will be allowed in any other gates 
  • Vendor Trailers And Box Trucks - *Parking of trailers is not permitted in the vendor parking area.  If you plan to bring a trailer or box/rental truck, PLEASE READ THE RULES HERE that pertain to trailers and box trucks (like U-Haul, Ryder etc. trucks). NO TRAILERS OR VENDOR VEHICLES ARE TO BE LEFT INSIDE THE BARN FENCE/GATES after Friday's load in hours.  Violators will be towed at the owners' expense. 
  • Although we work to ensure that all returning vendors are made aware of relevant vendor registration dates, it is ultimately the responsibility of the vendor to stay informed regarding upcoming registraton dates via the Flea Fest Facebook page or
  • Smoking & Vaping - As our venue is a government-operated facility, smoking and vaping is NOT PERMITTED within the cover of the barn or in restrooms. Products for the use of vaping are not permitted for sale. 
  • CBD Oils (and similar hemp-related products) - At this time these products are not permitted for sale at our event. We may consider changing this in the future, but at this time they are not permitted.  
  • Animals - Exotic, hybrid, dangerous animals are not be permitted by any pet rescue group or vendor. No reptiles of any kind will be permitted on the premesis. Due to parish laws, the sale of dogs and cats is not permitted.  Only rescue/adoptions of dogs and cats will be permitted.
  • Pets (except service animals) are not permitted at the show. In some very special cases, exceptions MAY be made for vendors if they are traveling from out of town with their pet.  PRIOR approval must be obtained and the pet must have all up to date vaccinations and be kept confined from attendees. (Burton Complex rules may differ from ours in the vendor camping area. If you plan to bring pets, please refer to their specific rules for prior to arrival.) PS-We love pets...this is simply a safety issue for the pets as well as all involved.
  • Adoptable Animals/Farmers' Market Animals - All adoptable pets/livestock must have proof of vaccinations and must be contained or leashed at all times.  Other restrictions may apply. Vendors with large livestock (horses, goats, sheep) must be approved prior to booking.
  • Vendors are permitted to be in the booth space area only during designated show times and designated vendor extended hours. Please see the complete schedule in the Vendor Set Up Day link to your left.
  • Vendors are permitted to setup tents and/or overhead structures PROVIDED they are within the dimensions of the rented booth space.  FOR EXAMPLE:  If the rented space is 8x10 and a vendor sets up a 10x10 tent/structure that encroaches a walkway, the Flea Fest staff reserves the right to move it.  In the event that this type of situation occurs, we will take careful precaution in moving items, but will not be liable for damage to the tent, structure or any other vendor items.
  • Vendors must provide completed vendor registration form and payment in full must be received before vendor is officially registered and a spaces assigned.
  • Spaces will not be officially reserved until payment is recieved in full.  If you register and do not pay, your registration will not be considered complete and a space will not be assigned to you.  Please verify your payment is complete either with your bank or credit card.
  • Booth space reservations are non-refundable.  Please understand that once you submit your registration we reserve a space for you in that section, which means that space is no longer available for rent, so if you cancel we may have lost another vendor who could have rented the space.  This is why we do not refund for cancellations.
  • No firearms will be permitted for sale at or on the premises of the Flea Fest show.
  • No pornographic or lewd materials will be permitted to be sold or displayed at Flea Fest.
  • Vendors, you are required to provide your own tables, chairs and all other supplies to set up your space.  We do have a small number of tables for rent and you can do so on the Vendor Registration page.
  • Please do not abandon items in your booth. We do not have the staff to load your items.  Vendors with abandoned items left in your space that we have to move will be billed a clean up fee of $25. If you have health issues/disabilities and need assistance to move items to the truck, please see a staff member, and we will make every effort to help those individuals who have health issues or disabilities.
  • Electricity - 110 Power will be available to each space (UNLESS NOTED ON THE REGISTRATION FORM), but vendors MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN EXTENSION CORDS AND/OR POWER STRIPS.  Most outlets should be within 15 feet of any vendor space but there are some circumstances that the outlets are further. Any electrical needs above a standard 110 usage with a regular amount of pull will be subject to additional charges and must be pre-arranged and pre-approved with Flea Fest staff. 
  • Water & Ice - Water access will be accessible to food vendor spaces but vendors must provide their own hose(s) and a method to drain water. Vendors utilizing water must also dump collected water in either one of the livestock wash bays or outside a good distance away from the barn as to not effect other vendors or shoppers. ICE may NOT BE DUMPED anywhere on the ground within the fenced in area of the barn.  It may be emptied in wash bays directly South of the restrooms (in the unused "sheep" pens area). This is an important SAFETY ISSUE! If ice is dumped in any traffic area, it could cause a slipping hazzard. 
  • Security & Safety - Law enforcement will be on site overnight and during set up and show days, and we will make every effort to protect our vendors' merchandise and safety, but we are not responsible for incidents that are out of our control.  Please cover your merchandise at the end of the day Friday and Saturday and exit the area as soon as possible after show closes and once your booth area is clear of shoppers. We encourage vendors to carry event insurance for protectin in the event of any incidental damages/thefts. Although security will be provided, neither Flea Fest, the Burton Complex, and/or any staff member, sponsor, partner, or owner(s) of either Flea Fest or the Burton Complex are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise. Reasonable care will be taken by our staff to protect your items, but we are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged vendor merchandise. By entering into the Flea Fest show as a vendor, you agree to hold Flea Fest & Burton Complex harmless for any and all damages to property, mechandise, and or injuries to and or by vendors and or employees of vendors, and/or attendees that are possibly injured while at the event.
  • VENDOR PASS ALLOTMENTS - 2 VENDOR PASSES will be automatically included with each vendor registration form received, regardless of the quantity of spaces booked by that vendor. Vendors may purchase up to 4 additional vendor passes within the registration form. Additional Vendor passes are $7 each. Passes will admit one person be valid for both days of the show. Vendor passes are to be used ONLY for additional staff working within your space.  Misuse of vendor passes may result in banning for future shows. Alternatively, you may simply purchase regular tickets, which are only $5 ea. and are good for a single day.
    • Vendor Pass Allotment Exceptions may include:
      • -Multiple spaces in separate sections. (IF BOOKED IN SEPARATE SECTIONS ONLY), 2 additional passes will be included per additional section. Example: If one space is booked within the Marketside South section and a separate space is booked within Market Square, you would automatically receive 4 vendor passes.
        -Children of vendors. Children under 12 do not require vendor passes and are admitted free with an adult with a vendor pass. 
  • Handicap/Special Needs - Please contact us IN ADVANCE of the show if you feel you will need special provisions for a wheelchair or other handicap access needs.  This venue has certain areas that may be difficult to navigate for handicapped vendors, but if you let us know what your needs are as early as possible prior to the show, we will gladly try our best to accomodate those needs.
  • Alcohol & Drugs - No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are to be sold or consumed on the premesis at any time during the show or on set up and tear down dates/times.
  • Illegal Merchandise - No illegal merchandise of any kind is to be sold at any time during the show.  If you are caught selling any illegal merchandise, you will be asked to leave immediately and the authorities will be notified. No refunds will be issued for your space rental.
  • Brand Exclusive Vendors - Exclusivity on any products or foods will NOT be guaranteed to any vendors, with the exception of sponsored "official" items of the show.  We will make every effort to honor brand exclusive product vendors to the first one registered, or to first right of renewal from the previous show (If signed up within returning vendor registration). Show officials make all final decisions regarding exclusive brands and who will and will not be permitted in the show.  If you have a brand-exclusive product and are unsure if you will be exclusive, the best option is to email prior to registration and get approval for that exclusivity or to see if another vendor has already registered with that exclusive product.  If you do not seek approval first, your registration cannot be guaranteed and your registration may be revoked. We also cannot be responsible for vendors who fail to alert us if they are selling an exclusive brand, which may result in duplicates of said brand. If this happens, vendors selling same brand may be required to work out the situation amungst themselves and if either duplicate brand vendor decides to vacate, they do so at their own will, and no refunds will be issued.    
  • Check-in Day - VENDOR CHECK-IN Day is the Friday prior to the show for ALL VENDORS.  FRIDAY (the day before the show weekend) IS ALSO LOAD IN DAY FOR ALL MERCHANDISE for all vendors with the possible exception of the actual "pets" for Pet Rescues and/or Farm animals. Those vendors MUST make arrangements with the Flea Team ahead of show if special needs are required. All vendors must follow the alloted load in time for your section.  SEE YOUR TIME HERE.  Absolutely no vendor vehicles will be allowed into the barn during show hours.
  • Vendors must participate in both days and all open hours of the show. As our shoppers pay a gate fee to enter the event, they expect our full vendor group to be set up for both days of the show.  As a result, it is unfair for vendors to leave early or not continue through the entire show.  Any vendor who does not adhere to this rule may be prohibited from participating in future Flea Fest events. If emergency or health-related circumstances arise, please speak with a Flea Team member about your situation and how to proceed. 
  • Dress Code - Flea Fest is a family friendly event. As such, a conservative and decent dress code is enforceable at the sole discretion of Flea Fest organizers.  
  • Table Rentals...If vendors elect to rent tables from Flea Fest, the following rules must be apply:
    • Table(s) will be picked up from the Information Booth on Friday (load-in day).
    • The $15 rental fee is for Friday through Sunday at 5 pm.
    • Tables must be returned to the Information Booth no later than 6 pm on the Sunday of the show weekend.
    • Tables should not be marked in any way – markers, tape, etc.
    • Total weight should not exceed 35 lbs. on the table.
    • If tables are broken or damaged in any way, renter will pay for the table.  Cost of $65.00.

  • ​Portable Heaters - Burton Complex does not permit the use of space heaters within the barn. If weather is cold and that is a problem for you, we recommend dressing in layers and using products such as "Hot Hands" (See product here)

  • Vendors are solely responsible for any banking institution fees incurred due to NSF (Non-sufficient Funds) checks. Additionally, Flea Fest will assess a $25 returned-check fee for all instances of NSF.

  • I agree to abide by all COVID restrictions set in place by the State of Louisiana.  These restrictions are subject to change.  I understand that registration fees are non-refundable. In the event that the show is postponed for any reason, registration fees will be transferred to the next available Flea Fest show.
    I further understand that the Flea Fest show layout map and vendor placements are at descretion of show officials and are subject to change.

  • I hereby agree and certify that I have NEVER been convicted of a felony.

    I further agree and certify that I will NOT SELL or DISPLAY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF MERCHANDISE as a vendor at Flea Fest:

    -Illegal or stolen merchandise
    -Illegal drugs
    -Marijuana in any form
    -Any illegal or stolen items
    -CBD oil/products
    -Pornographic or lewd materials of any type (INCLUDING VINTAGE) 
    -Vape pipes, products and/or traditional cigarettes or tobacco
    -Alcoholic beverages
    -Cats, dogs, reptiles or domestic pets (Only cats/dogs being presented for adoption by a permitted pet rescue OR animals categorized as livestock are permitted.)

    By checking the box, you certify and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of our event, and agree that you will not display or attempt to sell any of the above listed items or other restricted items listed on our website. You further agree that you have NEVER been convicted of a felony.

    We reserve the right to remove any vendor from our show at any time that we determine does not adhere to our show standards, and/or if we determine false claims have been made within the Flea Fest registration form.

  • I hereby agree and certify that I understand the dates of this show are as follows:
    Set up day: Friday prior to the show
    Show Days/Times: Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm. 

    I hereby agree to be available for set-up day - time for set up will be determined closer to the show.
    I further agree to remain set-up in my space and open to shoppers during the entire course of the show during all of the hours the show is open. I understand that if I do not adhere to this policy, I will forfeit my "returning vendor" status for the following show, as well as the option to renew the space I am currently assigned.  Furthermore, depending on the severity of the violation, an additional $50 fine may be enforced and I could be banned from future shows if this occurs more than once.  

  • Additional/Changes in Rules - We reserve the right to add additional rules and change/revise rules, as needed. Should this be done, additional copies of revised rules will be available at the show and will be posted at the show as well.  Thank you.

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