When will I get my booth assignment?

Booth assignments are provided on the Monday prior to the event.  You will receive an assignment through email and the assignments will also be made available on our website.  If you have not received your email by 5:00 pm on the Monday prior to the event and your name is not listed on the website list, please email us at info@fleafest.com.


When is vendor booth check-in and set up? 

Vendors are allowed to set up in shifts on the Friday, one day prior to the show.  The shifts are determined by the section that your space is located within.  A week before the show date, you will receive an email informing you of your check-in/load-in time for the Friday, but vendors will only receive the email if your registration form and the payment for your space has been completed.


Are there camper sites at the event? 

Yes, the Burton Complex staff can assist you with camper space rental. The number is 337-721-4090.  Their spaces are located in the Northeast Burton Coliseum parking lot, which is aproximately a 5 -7  minute walk to the vendor entrance gate for the show venue. This is also the overflow parking lot for vendors once the main parking is full.  Please be aware that if you need to unload additional items, you may need to drive up closer to the barn.  This can be done either the hour prior to the show opening in the morning or the hour after the show closes in the evening.


Will there be an ATM at the event?

Yes, if your customers ask, tell them it is located in front of the Barn Office, next to the DJ/Information booth.


Will there be Wi-Fi available at the event? 

Yes, there will be wi-fi available.  Please note, in order to avoid slowing/bogging, Wi-Fi is for vendor use only.  We do suggest a hot spot for high usage times.


May I have a tent or overhead structure for my booth?

Vendors are permitted to setup tents and/or decorative overhead structures AS LONG AS they are within the deminsion of the rented booth space.  FOR EXAMPLE:  If the rented space is 8x10 and the 10x10 tent/structure encroaches the walkway, the Flea Fest staff will either ask for it to be moved or move it if the vendor has left the booth.  Should we have to do this, we will take extreme care, but will not be liable for damage to the tent/structure or any other items so please ensure you are only utilizing the alloted space.


May I have my personal pet in my booth?  

For the safety and convenience of our shoppers and for the safety of your pet, we ask that no pets are brought in to Flea Fest.  Flea Fest takes no responsibility for pets and offers no liability for damages or injuries caused by or to pets at Flea Fest.


Am I required to have a Tax ID or to charge sales tax?

You do NOT need a Tax ID, however, vendors are required to turn in their sales tax packets at the end of the sale to the Calcasieu Parish and State Tax collectors.  Information about this process will be included in your vendor packet (including the rate to charge).  The parish collectors are usually at the event on Sunday afternoon to collect your packet and answer any questions.  The state requests that your packets be mailed to the address listed on the packet (given to you on load-in day). 


Flea Fest and it's employees have no additional information regarding taxes and will not be responsible for returning your packets.  If you have any further questions about state taxes, contact the State of LA at (855) 307-3893 or visit their website for Form R-1029SE here: https://revenue.louisiana.gov/Forms/ForBusinesses.  If you have questions about parish taxes, please direct them to the Calcasieu Parish School Board Office at

(337) 217-4280 or visit their website:  http://www.calcasieusalestax.org/


Will my booth have access to electricity?  

There are 110 outlets throughout the venue, BUT ----yours may be several feet from your booth. There is no extra charge for standard 110 electricity with NO ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS, but you will need to provide your own extension cord(s) to ensure you will be able to reach an outlet.  We also suggest having a power strip on hand because the outlets will likely need to be shared with other vendors. If you require any special electrical needs, please email us your EXACT requirements prior to booking.  There may be additional charges and/or we may be unable to accommodate those needs.    


Will my booth have access to water?  

There are several water faucets on the property, but if your booth requires water, please be sure to alert us via email prior to registration AND also note it in the additional comments section of the form when you complete it so that we can place you as close to these as possible.  You will still need to provide your own hose and adaptor/splitter that makes one faucet into two, and that has a shut off for each of the two faucets it is splitting into.  


Is the venue climate controlled?  

Although our venue is covered, it is not air conditioned or heated, so please dress appropriately and bring whatever items you feel you may need to keep yourself comfortable in the forecasted temperature.  We are sorry, but space heaters are not permitted by the Burton Complex.


Will my items be safe at night?

We have 24-hour law enforcement security on site to serve as protection for your items and the venue perimeter gates will be locked overnight. However, please be aware that your items should be covered with tarps or other protective coverings at night to prevent damage from dust or bird droppings, as the sides to the venue are open-air and we cannot prevent birds from entering the barn.  The venue can also be susceptible to wind and rain blowing in on the sides if weather gets rough enough.  Please always secure items at night with tarps and coverings. Although we take strong precautions to protect vendor items, neither Flea Fest, nor the venue, will be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.  


Am I allowed to smoke or vape in the Event Barn or my booth?

The entire Event Barn is a non-smoking facility.  There are designated smoking/vaping areas outside the Event Barn.  Please make sure you are at least 10 ft from under the roof of the barn to smoke/vape.

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