Vendor booth numbers will be listed here no later than the Monday prior to the show. 



What does "Check-In Time" mean? 

The vendor "Check-in time" listed below is defined as the time each vendor should arrive to

A) collect vendor packet and B) park in your allotted "unpacking zone" and unload merchandise from your vehicle/truck/trailer into your space number(s).  

After check-in, where do I park to unload my stuff? 

A Flea Team member will direct you to your designated unpacking zone, which is where you may park to unload your merchandise. Many of the unpacking zones are NOT inside the barn-but instead just outside, near your space. Again, many of you will be asked to park OUTSIDE the barn, usually because it is actually closer than you would be able to park if you were inside. We do our best to make your unpacking zone as close to your space as possible.  To insure a smooth and orderly set up process, PLEASE drive and park ONLY where Flea Team members direct you to go.

How long can I continue to work in my booth on Set Up Day after my check-in time?

Once all your merchandise is placed in the booth space, ALL vendor vehicles must be moved out of the barn and away from the load in zones (preferably completely outside of the fenced in area) to make room for the next session of vendors.  After moving the vehicle, vendors may return to their space to arrange and set up the merchandise for the remainder of the day (within our open hours). FOR THE SECURITY OF EACH & EVERY VENDOR SPACE, ALL VENDORS MUST VACATE THE BARN & EVENT VENUE AREA BY 6pm ON SET UP DAY. 



Any booth registered after 7pm Sunday, November 5th will receive an email with your booth assignment.


First Name Last Name Booth # Load-in time
Kaitlyn Abshire 424 8-9:30am
Charlene Aguillard 246-247 11am-12:30
Neal Ainsworth 5 8-9:30am
Necole Allen 18-19 & 50-51 8-9:30am
Clint Anderson 321-322 11am-12:30
Megan Anslum 414 12:30-2 pm
Shantell Anthony 703 11am-12:30
Jodie Ardoin 28 3pm-4pm
Heather  Arsement 132 12:30-2pm
Muhammad Ashrat 335-337 9:30-11am
Janet Ashworth 1018-1021 11am-12:30
Janet Aube 111 11am-12:30
Kim Aucoin 206-207 8-9:30am
Stephanie Avery 47 9:30-11am
Hailey Badeaux 46 9:30-11am
Sharon Barrios 55 9:30-11am
Ashley Barrios 347 8-9:30am
Ronnie Bayless 157-161 9:30-11am
Sherry Bazinet 331-332 9:30-11am
Tera Bebee 71 3pm-4pm
Amanda Begnaud 328 11am-12:30
Misty Beitel 701-702 2pm-3pm
Laura Bellard 711 2pm-3pm
Dennis Benge 10 & 57 8-9:30am
Mike Berg M-N 12:30-2pm
Sarah Bernard 256-257 11am-12:30
Tammy Blackwell 144-146 2pm-3pm
Amelia Boaz 248-249 11am-12:30
Carlissa Book 165-168 12:30-2pm
Natalie Booth 5001 2pm-3pm
Nancy Borel 413 12:30-2 pm
Taryn Bose 274 2pm-3pm
Pam Boswell 267 2pm-3pm
Shawna Boudreaux 519-520 8-9:30am
Michelle Bower 301 12:30-2pm
Pamela Breaux Thibodeaux 34 2pm-3pm
Jennifer Broussard 13 8-9:30am
Jessica Broussard 36 2pm-3pm
Christoper Broussard 176 12:30-2pm
Monica Brown 39 11am-12:30
Patricia Bruns 32 2pm-3pm
Celeste Bryan 1017 11am-12:30
Kalee Buckelew 205 8-9:30am
Maria Camacho 528 11am-12:30
Carol Campbell 314 12:30-2pm
Christal Campbell 1015 8-9:30am
Rebecca Cano 175 12:30-2pm
Brittany Carlin 329-330 11am-12:30
Maytte Cart 35 2pm-3pm
Donald Champney 112-113 11am-12:30
Chih Chang 77 3pm-4pm
Maria Choate 527 11am-12:30
Joseph Clement 308-310 12:30-2pm
Pamela Cofield 120 12:30-2pm
Linda Coker 316-317 11am-12:30
Cindy Collins 42-43 11am-12:30
Kaylee Conner 403-404 9:30-11am
Mark Cook 202 8-9:30am
Marsha Cooley 147 2pm-3pm
Sylvia Cormier 38 2pm-3pm
Rebecca Cormier 408 9:30-11am
Jeni Courville 148 2pm-3pm
Cala Crocker 504 8-9:30am
Cala Crocker 503-504 8-9:30am
Dawn Crum 115-116 11am-12:30
Johnny Cryer North Aisle 4-5pm
Tammy Daigle 162-163 9:30-11am
Jennifer Davis 346 8-9:30am
Kimberly Davy 427-428 11am-12:30
Courtney Deitch 30 2pm-3pm
Tim Delaney 235-237 12:30-2pm
Tina Descant 271-272 2pm-3pm
Nancy Desormeaux 109 & 117-119 11am-12:30
Sylvia D'Heilly 11 8-9:30am
Donna Dixson 121 12:30-2pm
Janene Dixson 135-136 2pm-3pm
Marcia Doucet 37 2pm-3pm
Darrell Driskell 218-219 9:30-11am
Hope Droddy 532 11am-12:30
Ophelia Dudley 411-412 12:30-2 pm
Nicole Duhon 143 2pm-3pm
Lynda Duhon 1008 8-9:30am
Cayla Duplechin 418 8-9:30am
Lenzie Dyer 1009 11am-12:30
Lynn Edwards 214 8-9:30am
Chad Ellender 252 11am-12:30
Mariah Evely 350 8-9:30am
Karen Finley 511 11am-12:30
Wayne Firmin 151-152 9:30-11am
Mandie Fontenot 348 8-9:30am
Verla Fontenot 421 8-9:30am
Christina Fontenot 179-180 12:30-2pm
Jennifer Frederick 253-254 11am-12:30
Amber Frederick 351-352 8-9:30am
Rachel Fretty 137-139 2pm-3pm
Marie Fruge 261 2pm-3pm
Phyllis Fruge 523-524 8-9:30am
Kim Fuselier 220-222 9:30-11am
Kathy Gary 14 8-9:30am
Terri Gaspard 3001 11am-12:30
Paula Gibson 521-522 8-9:30am
Maranda Gill 251 11am-12:30
Missy Gisclair 25 8-9:30am
Kathryn Godsey 1016 11am-12:30
Summer Gotangco A-B 8-9:30am
Guy Green 173-174 12:30-2pm
Louis Green 223-225 9:30-11am
Austin Greene 201 8-9:30am
Macey Guidry 12 8-9:30am
Kennedy Guidry 1003 8-9:30am
Jacob  Guidry 344-345 9:30-11am
Raven Guillory 406 9:30-11am
Samantha Guillory 125-126 12:30-2pm
Marie Hannie 2-4  8-9:30am
Marie Hannie 4002-4004 2pm-3pm
Summer Harkins 264 2pm-3pm
Toyua Hebert 508 8-9:30am
Shannon Herron 54 9:30-11am
Michelle Hilliard 24 8-9:30am
Kelsey Hinton 110 11am-12:30
Elizabeth Hoffpauir 48 9:30-11am
Monya Hoffpauir 79-80 3pm-4pm
Jolynn James P 12:30-2pm
Claire Johnson 255 11am-12:30
Michelle Johnson 149-150 9:30-11am
Lisa Johnston 153-156 9:30-11am
Jacob  Jolie 313 12:30-2pm
Jessica Jones 250 11am-12:30
Mike Jordan 409 12:30-2 pm
Miriam King 177 12:30-2pm
Brian Lahaye 66-67 3pm-4pm
Heather Landry 509-510 11am-12:30
Sarah Laughlin 172 12:30-2pm
Courtney Lavan 525 11am-12:30
Scott Lavoie 52-53 9:30-11am
Toni LeBlanc 101-102 11am-12:30
LaShon Lee 343 9:30-11am
Kerry Leger 262-263 2pm-3pm
Phyllis Leger 40-41 11am-12:30
Herminia Leija 303 12:30-2pm
Aimee LeJeune 27 8-9:30am
Allisa LeJeune 333-334 9:30-11am
Natasha LeJune 302 12:30-2pm
Jerry Lemons 1022 12:30-2 pm
Lisa Leubner 9 8-9:30am
Angelica Long 49 9:30-11am
Lizett Lopez 401-402 9:30-11am
Jody Louviere 130-131 12:30-2pm
Heather Magee 70 3pm-4pm
Naomi Majors 311-312 12:30-2pm
Nathan Malbreau 325-326 11am-12:30
Christine Mallory 1005-1007 & 1010-1012 12:30-2 pm
Sherri Manes C 8-9:30am
Megan Manley 514 11am-12:30
Alicia Mann 315 12:30-2pm
Emme Manuel 423 8-9:30am
David Manuel 623 2pm-3pm
Kathy Manuel 268-270 2pm-3pm
Danny Manuel 339-340 9:30-11am
Bonita Maricle 106 11am-12:30
Pasha Marinkovich 208-211 8-9:30am
Gregory Martin 103-105 11am-12:30
Diana Martin 529-530 11am-12:30
David McCorkle 1013-1014 2pm-3pm
Sharon McHale 215 8-9:30am
Sarah McKay 704 11am-12:30
Robbye McKenzie 72 3pm-4pm
Marissa Miller 29 3pm-4pm
Troy Miller 124 12:30-2pm
Scott Miller 58-59 9:30-11am
Keyecho Moliere Hardin 323-324 11am-12:30
Chris Montgomery 20-21 8-9:30am
Dennis Morrison 275 2pm-3pm
Skye Moses 327 11am-12:30
Savannah Moses 426 11am-12:30
Christy Moses 73-74 3pm-4pm
Donnafaye Moss 23 8-9:30am
Amanda Mott 415-416 12:30-2 pm
Jonathan Nash 410 12:30-2 pm
Marian Nevill 129 12:30-2pm
Elaine Newman 7 8-9:30am
Jessica Nolam 273 2pm-3pm
Tessa Nordan 4007 2pm-3pm
Deisha Norwood 622 2pm-3pm
Franora Odom 44-45 9:30-11am
Danielle Pack 420 8-9:30am
Holly Pata 422 8-9:30am
Bijal Patel 705 11am-12:30
Caledonia Pellerin 624 2pm-3pm
Janice Perez 507 8-9:30am
Kelly Petross 231-232 12:30-2pm
Randy Petry 506 8-9:30am
Elizabeth Porter 238-245 12:30-2pm
Sherri Powell 216-217 9:30-11am
Lisa Price 526 11am-12:30
Talesha Pugh 505 8-9:30am
Lisa Racca 16 8-9:30am
Sara  Reeder 17 8-9:30am
John Reon 304-307 12:30-2pm
Rali Reon 706-707 11am-12:30
Lydia Reynolds 258-259 11am-12:30
Crystal Rice 407 9:30-11am
Teresa Richard 133-134 2pm-3pm
Celeste Richard 341-342 9:30-11am
Raymond Roberds 318-320 11am-12:30
Mikki Roberson 68-69 3pm-4pm
Vicky Rock I-K 12:30-2pm
Martha Rodriquez 203-204 8-9:30am
Brandi Romero 419 8-9:30am
Tammy Romero D-E 8-9:30am
Charlene Rosamore 712 2pm-3pm
Courtney Rougeau 107-108 11am-12:30
Alisha Sattler 5004 2pm-3pm
Donnie Saucier 1004 8-9:30am
Kathy Schaffer 5002 2pm-3pm
Richard Schermerhorn G-H 8-9:30am
Gena Schmill 75 3pm-4pm
Wayne Schultz North Aisle 4-5pm
Cindy Shackleford 178 12:30-2pm
Jessica Shaw 127-128 12:30-2pm
Debbie Sills 260 11am-12:30
Summer Simpson 405 9:30-11am
Ashley Simpson 425 11am-12:30
Brian Smith 114 11am-12:30
Katie Soileau 78 3pm-4pm
Mitchell Soileau 212-213 8-9:30am
Liz Starr 515-516 11am-12:30
Katherine Stephens 8 8-9:30am
Kenneth Stodder 140 2pm-3pm
George Stokes 4001 2pm-3pm
Liliam Strain 5003 2pm-3pm
Wilda Talbert 122-123 12:30-2pm
Monica Tall 226-227 9:30-11am
Christina Thibeaux 417 8-9:30am
Joy Thibodeaux 22 8-9:30am
Michelle Thibodeaux 31 2pm-3pm
Rhonda Thompson 1 8-9:30am
Pattie Thompson 141-142 2pm-3pm
Julie Thompson 169-171 12:30-2pm
Philip Tice L 12:30-2pm
Ingrid Togas 517-518 8-9:30am
Rena Toney 5005 2pm-3pm
Anissa Trull 501-502 8-9:30am
Nicole Valandra F 8-9:30am
Paulina Vidrine 6 8-9:30am
Ashli Waldrep 2002 11am-12:30
Teri Wall 512-513 11am-12:30
Erin Walsh O 12:30-2pm
Misty Walton 621 2pm-3pm
Katherine Welch 76 3pm-4pm
Rose Wero 233-234 12:30-2pm
Carley Williams 531 11am-12:30
Chiquita Williams 3002 11am-12:31
Amanda Williams 265-266 2pm-3pm
Shelby Wilson 56 9:30-11am
Lenora Wilson 164 9:30-11am
Melton Wilson 338 9:30-11am
Gail Wolfe 15 8-9:30am
Wanda Wolford 228-230 9:30-11am
Sarah Yonich 26 8-9:30am
Sadie Zaunbrecher 4008 2pm-3pm



Flea Fest Venue:

Burton Complex Event Barn

(South side of the Burton Coliseum)

7001 Gulf Hwy.
Lake Charles, LA 70605










Nov. 9-10, 2024

Nov. 15-16, 2025

Nov. 14-15, 2026

Nov. 13-14, 2027 

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