Vendor set-up day is the Friday prior to the show.

Specific TIMES are determined by your booth space --assignments are listed here once determined. 

An overview of vendor check-in time sessions is listed below, but the check-in time we have specified for you on the email you will receive is the correct one. Times listed below "MAY" differ, so please go by check in time we have assigned to you on the emailed list. 

ALL vendors are expected to check-in and setup on Friday.  If you are unable to make it to check-in or do not plan to setup on Friday, you must email us in advance.  We do reserve the right to release your space to another vendor if you have not checked in or contacted us by noon on Friday.

YOUR CHECK-IN TIME:  The alloted time frames are for vendors to check in, receive the vendor packet and unload merchandise as quickly as possible into spaces.  PLEASE NOTE:  NOT ALL VENDORS WILL DRIVE IN BARN TO UNLOAD.  Flea Team members will direct each vendor to their designated unpacking area.  After merchandise is unloaded into the vendor space, vehicles should immediately be moved from inside the barn (or from the assigned unpacking area)and be parked in the outer parking lot away from the barn to allow others to also get up close to unload.  After vehicles are re-parked, vendors may return to the booth space to continue to organize and arrange.  Vendors have from the start time of allotted check-in window until 6pm to finish setting up/arranging merchandise in spaces.  


NO TRAILERS or VENDOR VEHICLES OF ANY TYPE are to be left in the within the fenced in area surrounding the event barn after 6pm. Violators may be towed at owners expense. See this map to understand all parking locations and entrances.   

We encourage all local vendors to take trailers home, but If trailers absolutely must be left on site, they MUST be parked in Burton Coliseum parking lot on the Northeast corner near Gauthier Rd. Please note, there is NO SECURITY PROVIDED FOR ANY TRAILERS LEFT IN THE BURTON COLISEUM PARKING LOT, so do so at your own risk.  Read the complete information on trailer policy here.  


*All sessions are subject to change. If changes occur, notifications will be sent via email prior to the show. Again, the List that we have posted here supercedes the times listed below, (should they differ).


8am - 9:30am
Spaces A-H
Spaces 1-27
Spaces 201-215
Spaces  417-424
Spaces 517-532
Spaces 628-632
Spaces 801-811
Spaces 824-829
Spaces 1001-1004, 1008, 1015
9:30am – 11am
Spaces 44-59
Spaces 149-164
Spaces 216-230
Spaces 331-345
Spaces 401-408
Spaces 607-611
Spaces 818-823
Spaces 842-847
Outside Trailers (for spaces at the OUTSIDE Fenceline by front chainlink fence ONLY)
11am – 12:30pm
Spaces 39-43
Spaces 101-116
Spaces 246-260
Spaces 316-330
Spaces 425-428
Spaces 501-516
Spaces 702-706
Spaces 830-835
Spaces 1009-1011; 1016-1018
12:30pm – 2pm
Spaces I-P
Spaces 117-132
Spaces 165-180
Spaces 231-245
Spaces 301-315
Spaces 409-416
Spaces 601-606
Spaces 812-817
Spaces 836-841
Spaces 1005-1007; 1019-1022
2pm - 3pm
Spaces 30-38
Spaces 133-148
Spaces 261-275
Spaces 621-627
Spaes 701; 707-712
Spaces 901-907 
Alley Trailers


3pm - 4pm

Spaces 28-29
Spaces 60-80
Spaces 346-352
Spaces 651-658
Ponies/Petting Zoo
Trailers in North Aisle & those along the immediate front edge of the barn



Final moments to set up spaces.  All vendors must begin wrapping up.


***Barn closes at 6pm to ALL Vendors. Vendors must vacate the barn at this time. Set up may continue beginning at 8am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Show starts at 9am).  Prior to show opening hours, vendors will only be admitted entry at either of the 2 BACK vendor gates.  DO NOT go to any of the "Shopper Entrance Gates". NO VENDOR ENTRY WILL BE PERMITTED AT THOSE GATES PRIOR TO SHOW HOURS. Thank you!


Flea Fest Venue:

Burton Complex Event Barn

(South side of the Burton Coliseum)

7001 Gulf Hwy.
Lake Charles, LA 70605



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April 24-25, 2021

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